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The Sylacauga Utility Board presents, "AcctView"
Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017 8:51am
 The Sylacauga Utilities Board is proud to present "AcctView", an interactive customer web portal for viewing and managing utility consumption.

      VIEW:   1. Monitor utility meters, Electric, Gas, Water on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis
                   2. Graphical Charting overlaid with local Temperatures from the Sylacauga Airport
                   3. View historical meter consumption for comparison
                   4. View/print your Utility Bills in .pdf format

MANAGE:  1. Set up e-mail "alerts" on usage thresholds, (Residential Customers Only).
                   2. Lower costs by monitoring usage and adjusting thermostat settings
                   3. Catch leaky faucets, broken pipes, and running toilets before the bill comes in
                   4. Monitor utilities when away for extended times
                   5. Manage and monitor other accounts such as family members or multiple locations
                   6. Export meter consumption data in to Excel for more charting and analysis
                   7. Pay your Bill On-Line with our new Secure Payment Portal